Like him personally or not, few would argue the effectiveness of Donald Trump’s presidency. Under his leadership, our nation became an economic powerhouse as families kept more of their hard-earned dollars, wages grew, and life remained affordable for everyone.

Middle-class Americans, and GOP grassroots supporters, understand this. They care more about how their family budgets are impacted by Trump’s policies than the point blank language he uses to state his case. It’s time the donor class wises up to the same reality.

Joe Biden’s term has presented a jarring juxtaposition to Trump’s era of economic prosperity as American families continue to suffer the consequences of a government helmed by a spendthrift Democrat, with no clear plans to address inflation or our rising national debt.

Everyday expenses like groceries, gas, housing, and utilities have become nearly unaffordable in Joe Biden’s America. Inflation is through the roof, our national debt has ballooned to nearly 34 trillion, and DC politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to spend voters’ dollars recklessly. This threatens not only our current way of life, the dollar as the worlds currency, social security, Medicare and the financial futures of our children and grandchildren.

Anyone invested in our nation’s political future with the means to enact change must do so. Donald Trump is both our past and our future. Time is running out for GOP donors to understand what is truly at stake in 2024. It’s time to rise to the task at hand, and support the only person who can beat Joe Biden at the ballot box.

Trump is the only person who understands the global economy and how to get America working again. That should be reason enough for donors to back him. As someone with the means and will to help elect a Republican president next year, I can’t imagine betting on someone in the current field who lacks the national track record or business expertise to prove they know how to revive our economy.

Under Trump, the U.S. became energy independent. We became the world’s number one producer of oil while maintaining our position as the number one producer of natural gas. We finally brought manufacturing back to our shores.

Trump’s achievements focused on putting America First, growing our economy, and ensuring that American families thrived.

Republican donors must recognize how President Trump’s policies stimulated the economy, while Joe Biden’s America Last policies have resulted in an economic environment which continues to crush the middle-class. Let’s face it, there is no more severe tax on middle America than inflation.

As once-promising GOP presidential candidates struggle to gain or maintain traction, donors owe it to the people to support the only proven candidate in the field.

Donors must stop fooling themselves into thinking there is any choice other than Donald Trump if we are to win next November. There is far too much at stake to lose in this election, and America cannot afford another four years of a bumbling, ineffective Biden presidency. Just look around the world and see the caose. We have a war in Ukraine, a war in the Middle East and everyone is concerned about what might happen between China and Taiwan.

We are capable of achieving the type of economic prosperity witnessed not too long ago, but it begins with donors supporting, and helping to re-elect, Donald Trump in 2024. The grassroots effort is doing their part. It’s time GOP donors do theirs, too.

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