Like him personally or not, few would dare argue the effectiveness of Donald Trump’s presidency. Under his leadership, our nation became an economic powerhouse as families kept more of their hard-earned dollars, wages grew, and life remained affordable for the masses.

Joe Biden’s term has presented a jarring juxtaposition to that era of economic prosperity as American families continue to suffer the consequences of a government helmed by a spendthrift Democrat, with no clear plans to address inflation or our rising national debt.

Everyday expenses like groceries, gas, housing, and utilities have become nearly unaffordable in Joe Biden’s America. Inflation is through the roof, our national debt has ballooned to $33 trillion, and DC politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to spend voters’ dollars recklessly. This threatens not only our current way of life, but risks the financial futures of our children and grandchildren, too.
Our nation needs someone like Donald Trump, who understands the global economy and how to get America working again. President Trump understood the importance of bringing manufacturing back to our nation’s shores, and in 2018 alone, the U.S. added more than 250,000 manufacturing jobs, the most in three decades.

Under Trump, the U.S. became energy independent, even becoming the world’s number one producer of oil and maintaining our position as the number one producer of natural gas. Trump achieved this while simultaneously lowering costs, advancing projects, and removing regulatory hurdles in the energy sector.
President Trump’s America First policies undoubtedly stimulated the economy, while Joe Biden’s America Last policies have resulted in an economic environment which continues to crush middle-class families. Since Biden has taken office, inflation and poverty rates have soared while families’ disposable incomes have diminished.

American families now struggle to provide for their families, let alone set aside money for a rainy day.
Joe Biden is bad for business, American families’ wallets, and our nation’s future – plain and simple. President Trump’s leadership, on the other hand, remains unmatched.

We are capable of achieving the type of economic prosperity we once witnessed not too long ago, but it begins with re-electing Donald Trump in 2024. There is far too much at stake to risk anyone else taking the job.

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