Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and third place finisher in CPAC’s straw poll, returned on Thursday from a three-day New Hampshire bus tour. Johnson was invited to address the New Hampshire Senate on Thursday morning as part of their First-in-the-Nation Presidential Series. Johnson also met with Speaker of the House Sherman Packard and Secretary of State David Scanlan following his remarks.

“I have one central theme and I am laser focused on it – the economy. What we’re going to do is cut two cents out of every dollar of discretionary spending, because the simple fact is that the government spends too much money. Our nation is not on its way to being broke, we already are broke. Joe Biden’s debt and inflation crisis continues to crush American families, and it’s time for change. As a businessman myself, I know how to run an efficient operation. I intend to bring quality and efficiency to the federal government with my Two-Cents Plan. It was an honor to share my message and vision for America with the New Hampshire Senate.”

Watch Perry Johnson’s speech here.

After returning from the New Hampshire bus tour, Perry Johnson now heads to Iowa for a Saturday town hall event to kickoff a nine-day ‘Fire Biden’ bus tour across the Hawkeye State.

Johnson also recently launched a reality television series, Backstage Pass, to give viewers and voters behind-the-scenes access to his presidential campaign. The first episode, Paging Governor DeSantis, aired during primetime on Newsmax on May 9. You can watch it here.