The Michigan Republican Party, like its national counterpart, must take stock of its failures and begin a new chapter if it wishes to take down Joe Biden and the Democrats in the Republican primary and general election next year.

Last year, the party lost its majority in the state Legislature for the first time in 40 years – a crushing and demoralizing defeat for Republican voters across the state. Yet there appears to have been little effort made throughout the past year to reform the state party and ready it for next year’s elections.

The Michigan GOP must act as more than a mouthpiece and actively strive toward conservative victories in 2024.

Americans across the country, including here in Michigan, continue to feel the crushing weight of Democrat-induced inflation and exorbitant reckless spending by politicians on both sides of the aisle in DC.

This way of life is not sustainable for families and provides a sharp contrast to the thriving economy ushered in by President Trump.

The only person capable of beating Joe Biden at the ballot box is Donald Trump, and while the Michigan GOP has been vocal about supporting the former president, that is simply not enough to effect a victorious result.

I have witnessed the idle hands of our state and national parties for far too long, and am prepared to stay involved, pledging both time and resources, in the political primary and general election process throughout the next year to see victory through. I have pledged my support to Donald Trump, and am prepared to do all that it takes to help him succeed here in Michigan; an outcome Michigan families increasingly depend on.