Armed with 30,168 Donors, Upward Trajectory Puts Johnson One Step Closer To The RNC Debate Stage

Troy, MI — Outsider businessman and candidate for President Perry Johnson announced following strong performances at the Iowa GOP Lincoln Day Dinner and Right to Start’s candidate forum that his campaign hit a new milestone with more than 30,000 donors to date, continuing his surge to the August debate stage.

“Our campaign continues to gain steam the more people hear my message — we need to put the government on a diet,” said Perry Johnson, candidate for President. Enacting my Two-Cents Plan means cutting the bloated government fat by two percent every year. That way, I can beat the inflation that is cutting through family budgets across the country. When I get on the debate stage, I’m going to ignore the noise and speak frankly with the American people.

“We have some steep challenges we need to overcome as a country and if we don’t stop pointing fingers and start solving them, we’re going to lose our country.”

Since entering the race in March, Perry Johnson has attended over 100 events in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire and will be holding a donor exclusive event on August 12, featuring the famous country music band Big & Rich as the headliner performance.

Earlier this year, the Republican National Committee released its toughest criteria yet for candidates to reach the presidential debate stage in August. The most stringent portions of this set of guidelines include:

“When you look at the criteria listed by the Republican National Committee, the Perry Johnson campaign is hitting major milestones and getting closer to meeting all parameters well ahead of the 72 hour deadline,” said Paul Cordes, Campaign Manager, Perry Johnson for President. “When Perry Johnson is included in national or state surveys, Republican voters reward him with the support necessary to make the debate stage. That support will continue to grow as we continue to spend seriously in early states. We’re on the right trajectory to make the debate stage.”


Perry Johnson is a proud American businessman, entrepreneur and author from Michigan who has founded over 80 successful companies worldwide. A pioneer on international quality control standards, Johnson has written several books helping companies improve and obtain their quality control certifications.

Most recently, he wrote Two Cents To Save America, a book outlining a plan to cut two cents off of every dollar in federal discretionary spending to end inflation and solve the debt crisis.