Campaign Continues to Prove Pollsters Should Include Johnson In Surveys Ahead of First Debate In August

Washington, DC – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and second place finisher in TPUSA’s Action Summit straw poll, has earned 1 percent of support in a second national poll in the last two days. On Tuesday, Johnson first surged past establishment politicians in the Monmouth University poll – including Asa Hutchinson.

On Wednesday, he accomplished the same feat in the McLaughlin poll, proving his message continues to resonate with voters and that he has plenty of momentum moving toward the August debate stage.

“The fact is when pollsters allow for voters to make their voices heard and include my name on surveys, I land ahead of establishment politicians who have been part of the problem in Washington,” said Perry Johnson, candidate for President.

“National media and pollsters have repeatedly underestimated my campaign, yet voters and caucus-goers themselves have welcomed my fresh ideas and outsider status with open arms. We’ve more than doubled our donors in the last three weeks, hitting 23,000 and are averaging enough donors to meet the RNC’s threshold.”

“The support for my Two-Cents Plan is plain to see, and I am confident I will be on the August debate stage as long as I’m given a fair shot in the polls,” continued Johnson. Both the Monmouth and McLaughlin polls prove Perry Johnson’s political outsider status and Two-Cents Plan continue to resonate with and be taken seriously by voters when pollsters choose to include him in their surveys. Polls have consistently shown that Republican primary voters want candidates talking about the economy — which Perry Johnson has made the centerpiece of his campaign.

Polling firms conducting surveys which meet the RNC debate guidelines have refused to include Perry Johnson’s name.This does a disservice to the American people by excluding a candidate with a professional operation and one who continues to outperform his establishment peers.