Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and third place finisher in CPAC’s straw poll, released a statement welcoming South Carolina Senator Tim Scott to the presidential race after he formally announced his candidacy on Monday.

Perry Johnson said, “I welcome Senator Tim Scott to the race and appreciate his inspirational message about the importance of hard work. But any politician who has been part of the problem in Washington DC should be focused on the June 1st default and their responsibility in growing the debt from 19 trillion in 2016 to 32 trillion today. My Two-Cents Plan is the only serious plan on the table to solve our financial crisis!”

Perry Johnson returned on Friday from traveling Iowa on his ‘Fire Biden’ bus tour, visiting more than eighteen counties to share his Two-Cents Plan to Save America with Iowa caucus-goers. Johnson has largely campaigned on an economic platform which has resonated with Iowans on the campaign trail. His Two-Cents Plan would slash federal discretionary spending by two percent annually, rescuing the American economy from Joe Biden’s debt and inflation crisis.

Johnson has been campaigning across Iowa and New Hampshire regularly since he first announced his campaign for president in March.