Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and Michigan businessman has announced his decision to suspend his campaign and released the following statement.

I ran for President with the single focus of ensuring that the country my children inherit is just as extraordinary as the America in which I grew up. I was worried that wouldn’t happen. The government’s out-of-control spending, which has caused rampant inflation and forced skyrocketing interest rates, is painful for middle America and hurting American families. This recklessness jeopardizes Social Security, Medicare, National Defense and our whole way of life. I knew I had a plan to fix it.

“The Two Cents Plan is at its core, a plan to make life affordable for Americans again. I believe in it now more than ever and hope Washington D.C. starts to take spending and inflation seriously, before the crushing weight of our national debt leads to economic catastrophe. The American people deserve so much better than what career politicians in D.C. are giving them.

“I must admit, the corruption among leaders at the RNC during this process was appalling. Not only was the debate process set up to keep outsiders off the stage and without a voice, but when we did meet their arbitrary metrics, corrupt leaders used their authoritarian power to kick me off the stage at 11 p.m. the Monday before the debate, despite our team working with Fox News all weekend on logistics.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the people should decide the next president of the United States, not the head of the RNC and her cronies.

“With no opportunity to share my vision on the debate stage, I have decided at this time, suspending my campaign is the right thing to do.

“The extraordinary people I’ve met and befriended across the country, especially in Iowa and New Hampshire, gives me a renewed sense of hope that America’s best days are ahead. It was the honor of a lifetime to run for America’s highest office and having my family along for the ride was a blessing impossible to describe.

“I love this country so very much. We are a country founded on doing the impossible, and I believe we will continue that great tradition for centuries to come. I am 100% committed to helping Republicans win across the country in 2024 and plan to be actively involved in making sure we do just that, especially in my home state of Michigan.

“God Bless you all and God bless America.”

Johnson has suspended his campaign rather than withdrawing and plans to keep a small political team on staff in the event the dynamics of the race change. He will still be on the ballot in early contests including New Hampshire.