Perry Johnson Slams Joe Biden as Modern-Day Jimmy Carter

Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, presidential candidate and third place finisher in CPAC’s straw poll, criticized Joe Biden’s decision to run for re-election, comparing him to former Democrat president Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter’s administration was marked by uncontrollable inflation which bankrupted the middle-class, resulting in Carter’s failure to get re-elected.

“Jimmy Carter lost re-election because of uncontrollable inflation which cost many middle-class families their livelihoods. I have no doubt Joe Biden will face similar consequences at the ballot box in 2024. He created the debt crisis we’re witnessing currently and has done nothing to address our flailing economy, including skyrocketing inflation and out of control prices for gas, groceries, and utilities. Americans are hurting and looking for a way out of this economic mess. My Two-Cents Plan is the common sense solution our nation desperately needs.”

Johnson’s Two-Cents Plan will reignite the economy by cutting federal discretionary spending by two percent annually, ridding the government of unnecessary budget bloat. His book, Two Cents to Save America, also outlines policies that will protect our borders and strengthen national security. Johnson’s ten-point plan directly addresses the issues plaguing Americans under Biden’s administration. As inflation remains high and a recession looms, Americans are looking for common sense fiscal policies to get the nation back on the right track. Johnson’s Two-Cents Plan to Save America delivers a simple and tangible solution.
Perry Johnson helped revolutionize the automobile industry in the early 1980s.
When the industry was reeling, he knew how to implement quality and efficiency.
He went on to implement similar quality standards in other products, such as food, medical devices, and airplanes. A quality guru and professional problem solver,
Perry Johnson is now turning his expertise to the most inefficient institution in the country – the federal government. His new book, Two Cents to Save America, is a detailed plan for putting the federal government on a two-cent diet to finally get spending under control and tame our nation’s record inflation.

Perry Johnson kicked off his efforts with a Super Bowl ad buy in markets across Iowa and with his latest buy, has spent more than $800,000 on TV advertising campaigns through the end of March in New Hampshire and Iowa. Perry opened his first campaign office in Ankeny, IA and has bus tours planned in both states throughout the months of April and May. Perry recently announced he has more than $2 million cash on hand and has contributed more than $3.7 million to his campaign as he seeks the Republican nomination for president.