Perry Johnson Slams Debt Ceiling Deal for Failing to Include Substantial Spending Cuts

Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and third place finisher in CPAC’s straw poll, released a statement about the debt ceiling deal reached by Speaker McCarthy and Joe Biden. The agreement would raise the debt ceiling but does not include adequate measures to significantly cut spending and solve the long-term debt crisis.

“This debt deal is not a long-term solution to the debt crisis and frankly it is a loser for the American people. It’s nothing more than a bandaid that significantly adds more debt to the backs of US taxpayers. My Two-Cents Plan to Save America is the only plan put forward by a candidate for president to solve the debt crisis. Career politicians’ inability to put us on a course to a balanced budget is jeopardizing the future of the country.”

Johnson recently returned from his Iowa ‘Fire Biden’ bus tour, visiting more than 18 counties to share his Two-Cents Plan to Save America with Iowa caucus-goers. Johnson has largely campaigned on an economic platform which has resonated with Iowans on the campaign trail. His Two-Cents Plan would slash federal discretionary spending by two percent annually, rescuing the American economy from Joe Biden’s debt and inflation crisis.

Johnson will return to both Iowa and New Hampshire in early June.