Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Republican businessman and former presidential candidate, has slammed the Colorado Supreme Court following its ruling that Donald Trump is disqualified from being named on the ballot in the state.

Johnson said, “The Colorado decision is an unconstitutional attack on democracy. Political activist judges have overstepped their authority in an almost unfathomable way to remove a candidate for federal office from the ballot because they are afraid he is going to win. They’re right about one thing – President Trump will win the Presidency in 2024. Whether you like that or not, in defense of our constitution, Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike should be condemning this reckless decision from
the Colorado Supreme Court.”

The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to bar Donald Trump from the ballot is unprecedented. No other court across the nation has ever used the 14th Amendment clause as justification for removing a popular candidate from the ballot.

Johnson has endorsed Donald Trump for the Republican nomination and will continue supporting the former president as he prepares to take on Joe Biden at the ballot box next year.