Sac County, IA – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and third place finisher in CPAC’s straw poll, challenged Speaker Kevin McCarthy to tackle the nation’s debt crisis more aggressively.

“Speaker McCarthy’s budget proposal, though much better than Joe Biden’s, simply doesn’t go far enough to rein in government spending. Politicians from both parties have failed to propose serious solutions to our nation’s debt crisis and Americans are suffering the consequences of that inaction. With nearly $32 trillion worth of debt to answer for, limiting spending growth to one percent just isn’t a sufficient solution. My Two-Cents Plan will cut unnecessary bloat from the federal government, provide relief to American families, and get our spending under control once and for all.”

Perry Johnson’s Two-Cents Plan has been his main platform since he announced his campaign for President in March. If elected President, Johnson intends to cut two percent out of every dollar of federal discretionary spending annually to tame inflation, make life affordable again, and keep the American Dream alive. Perry Johnson is currently campaigning across Iowa on a nine-day ‘Fire Biden’ bus tour, where he will share his Two-Cents message with Iowa caucus goers in 28 counties.