Milwaukee, WI – Perry Johnson, outsider candidate for president and Michigan businessman, has blasted Ronna Romney McDaniel for the farce that was Wednesday night’s debate, criticizing her as the worst chair the RNC has ever known and renewing calls for her resignation.

Perry Johnson said, “The Republican Party is in total disarray and Ronna is responsible for it.

“Not only was this debate process completely corrupted by a few DC elites trying to hand pick our next nominee, it was a violation of FEC rules.

“Ronna Romney allowed two Never-Trumpers to lie about supporting the eventual nominee and let them on stage.

“And regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, he’s polling at 50 percent or better and wasn’t on that stage. Last night was a total farce.

“However, the problems don’t start there. Ronna has abandoned Republicans facing political persecution nationwide. Left-wing radicals who have weaponized our justice system are trying to send Republicans to jail simply for being Republicans. Ronna has been silent and hasn’t dedicated a single penny to helping defend these good people.

“Republicans are also being outspent at an astronomical figure and Ronna has not figured out a way to compete.

“Ronna has not had a single successful election cycle as Chair and we’re on the verge of yet another disaster if we don’t replace her immediately.

“I’m calling on her to resign immediately so we can get fresh leadership at the helm before it is too late.”

The renewed calls for new leadership at the RNC come after Perry Johnson lodged an FEC complaint against both the RNC and Fox News for their role in the disastrous debate and for engaging in political targeting that shut out Johnson from the debate stage despite meeting all requirements.

You can read the FEC complaint here.