Johnson rips Morning Consult and other pollsters who are corrupting the RNC debate process by leaving his name out of surveys

August 16, 2023

Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and second place finisher in TPUSA’s Action Summit straw poll, has criticized Morning Consult pollsters for corrupting the RNC debate process by refusing to include his name in surveys conducted ahead of the August 23 debate. Johnson has repeatedly been left out of surveys, giving him an unfair disadvantage due to limited opportunity at the hands of biased pollsters.

“Morning Consult pollsters have lost all credibility by refusing to include me in their surveys and are corrupting the RNC debate process,” said Perry Johnson. “Our campaign is organized on the ground and has made multiple seven-figure advertising buys at the state and national level.”

“We are exceeding the RNC donor threshold for the first debate, beating establishment politicians in national and state polls, and I am still the only candidate in the race with an actual plan to solve our nation’s economic crisis.

“Morning Consult and other pollsters who have consistently ignored the strength of my campaign and candidacy to ensure I am not on the debate stage are rigging this process.”

In July, Perry Johnson earned 1%+ in three national polls, including the qualifying Big Village Caravan survey and McLaughlin’s July poll. On Tuesday, Johnson earned 2

percent of the vote in the New Hampshire-based Emerson poll. Johnson also has more than 50,000 individual donors to date, including more than 200 across 20 states.

Despite being repeatedly underestimated and excluded by pollsters, Johnson has met a majority of the RNC donor and polling thresholds due to the popularity of his Two-Cents Plan, leaving little doubt he would have already qualified in polling if included as frequently as his establishment peers.

“Morning Consult may have an agenda to silence an outsider businessman like Perry Johnson, but voters have made it clear they want to hear more from him on the August debate stage,” said Johnson spokeswoman Elizabeth Stoddart. “Voters and caucus-goers should have the final say in who makes the stage, not biased pollsters like those who conduct surveys for Morning Consult.”


Perry Johnson is a proud American businessman, entrepreneur and author from Michigan who has founded over 80 successful companies worldwide. A pioneer on international quality control standards, Johnson has written several books helping companies improve and obtain their quality control certifications.

Most recently, he wrote Two Cents To Save America, a book outlining a plan to cut two cents off of every dollar in federal discretionary spending to end inflation and solve the debt crisis.