Webster County, IA – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and third place finisher in CPAC’s straw poll, released the second episode in his presidential campaign reality series ‘Backstage Pass’ on Tuesday. The series first debuted on Newsmax on May 9 and offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run for President of the United States. Episode two will also air on Newsmax during primetime on Tuesday evening.

“Running for President of the United States is an honor unlike any other and I invite viewers to get a behind the scenes look at campaign 2024 in my new show, ‘Backstage Pass.’ The series highlights my travels through Iowa and New Hampshire as I talk about how the Two-Cents Plan will revive our American economy by slashing budget bloat and lowering inflation. It also offers never-before-seen access to a presidential race, and what it’s like on the campaign trail.”

Episode Two: Trump Won’t Debate follows Perry Johnson’s bus tour across Iowa and can be watched on Twitter and Facebook. It will also air on Newsmax during primetime on May 16.

Perry Johnson’s Two-Cents Plan has been his main platform since he announced a campaign for President in March. If elected President, Johnson intends to cut two percent out of every dollar of federal discretionary spending annually to tame inflation, make life affordable again, and keep the American Dream alive. Perry Johnson is currently campaigning across Iowa on a nine-day ‘Fire Biden’ bus tour, where he will share his Two-Cents message with Iowa caucus goers in 28 counties.