Perry Johnson’s hit reality TV series, Backstage Pass, has been such a success on Newsmax that Johnson is now being given a prime-time slot on Sunday nights to air a second show. 

Johnson is a Republican presidential candidate and successful businessman from Southeast Michigan. He began his career in the auto industry in the 1980s, helping to revolutionize an American industry that was failing to compete with Japanese standards. 

Johnson overhauled the American auto industry, bringing quality and efficiency to the production line, and later brought those same qualities to a multitude of different industries.

A staunch conservative disappointed by the downward turn the economy has taken at the hands of Democrats like Joe Biden, Johnson has set his sights on overhauling the most inefficient institution in the nation – the federal government. 

Johnson just finished his “Fire Biden Bus Tour” in Iowa where we made a commitment to put a “Fire Biden” yard sign in front of as many homes in America as possible!

Johnson is in the process of meeting the RNC minimum of 40,000 donations to make the debate stage to ensure his Two-Cents Plan to Save America gets the prime time attention it deserves as it is the only long-term plan to address the debt crisis to be put forward by a candidate for president.

Johnson announced his campaign for president in March, after taking the stage at CPAC and placing third in the straw poll as a write-in candidate. He wrote a book, Two-Cents to Save America, which outlines his economic plan for revitalizing the American economy. 

Johnson is a businessman, not a career politician, who is a fresh face in the conservative movement. Not only is he economic-minded, but a fierce advocate for conservative values across the board. He is proudly pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-American worker, anti-woke, and anti-China.

Johnson’s Two-Cents Plan is the only viable solution to Joe Biden’s debt and inflation crisis.

His newest series, Perry Johnson in Prime Time, premieres on Newsmax at 9pm on Sunday, May 28. Tune in to get a backstage look at what it takes to run for President of the United States.