Perry Johnson Gets 30-Minute Prime Time TV Spot Following Success of Reality Series

Johnson’s reality TV series ‘Backstage Pass’ will now air Sunday prime time on Newsmax

Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and third place finisher in CPAC’s straw poll, will launch his reality television series at 9pm Sunday, May 28 on Newsmax.

Johnson’s reality show, Backstage Pass, first debuted on Newsmax on May 9 and has been a huge success, leading now to the launch of the series during a prime-time slot on Sunday evenings. Backstage Pass provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run for president and offers insight into the only candidate and campaign with a consistent message: to resolve the nation’s debt crisis through Johnson’s Two-Cents Plan.

“The success of my reality series is a testament to the timeliness, simplicity and importance of my Two-Cents Plan, which cuts two cents of every dollar in federal discretionary spending, every year. It continues to resonate with Newsmax viewers, as well as caucus-goers and voters in Iowa and New Hampshire as D.C. politicians fight over another band-aid debt solution to avoid default. My plan is the only long-term debt solution put forward by any presidential candidate to date, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share it with even more people during my new Sunday prime-time slot on Newsmax. Inspirational messages are nothing without tangible solutions, and I remain the only Republican candidate to offer both.”

Backstage Pass‘ will air on Sundays at 9pm in 30-minute segments. For a backstage look at Johnson’s latest series, you can watch a short preview here.

Johnson returned last Friday from his ‘Fire Biden’ bus tour across Iowa, visiting more than 18 counties to share his Two-Cents Plan to Save America with Iowa caucus-goers.

Johnson has largely campaigned on an economic platform which has resonated with Iowans on the campaign trail. His Two-Cents Plan would slash federal discretionary spending by two percent annually, rescuing the American economy from Joe Biden’s debt and inflation crisis.