Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Michigan businessman, quality control expert and presidential candidate, blasted Democrats while challenging President Biden to pardon former President Donald Trump, promising to pardon Trump himself if elected president. This promise comes as liberal Democrats in New York move to indict the former President in a politically motivated attempt to prevent Trump from remaining a competitive presidential candidate. 

“This is nothing more than partisan political theater and unjust persecution by the Democrats – the same group of people who constantly yell about respecting democracy. Americans can plainly see the left is weaponizing the law in an attempt to divert attention away from actual issues plaguing our nation, like our current financial crisis and runaway inflation. Simply put, the weaponization of law enforcement is anti-American.

“If elected president, I will immediately pardon President Trump in order to move on from this Democrat spectacle but I challenge President Biden to do the right thing and pardon President Trump today. I would also consider pardoning President Biden for his problems. I urge other candidates in the race to support a pardon for President Trump.”

Perry Johnson’s new ad calling for the pardon can be viewed here.

Perry Johnson helped revolutionize the automobile industry in the early 1980s. When the industry was reeling, he knew how to implement quality and efficiency. He went on to implement similar quality standards in other products, such as food, medical devices, and airplanes. A quality guru and professional problem solver, Perry Johnson is now turning his expertise to the most inefficient institution in the country – the federal government. His new book, Two Cents to Save America, is a detailed plan for putting the federal government on a two-cent diet to finally get spending under control and tame our nation’s record inflation.

Perry Johnson kicked off his efforts with a Super Bowl ad buy in markets across Iowa and with his latest buy, has spent $700,000 on TV advertising campaigns through the end of March in New Hampshire and Iowa. Perry opened his first campaign office in Ankeny, IA and has bus tours planned in both states throughout the months of March, April and May.