Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, former Republican presidential candidate and Michigan businessman, has called on GOP leaders in Washington to take action to resolve the nation’s debt and inflation crisis. Perry Johnson last week endorsed Donald Trump for President and will continue to support Republican leaders who make it a priority to solve the economic crisis. 

Johnson said, “Excess government spending essentially doubled our nation’s yearly deficit spending from 2022 to 2023, creating an inflation rate so astounding it has made housing, utilities, and food unaffordable for many American families. Our government’s spending is not only reckless, but unsustainable, both today and especially for future generations. We are facing the consequences of Washington’s spendthrift politicians and our children will inherit the very same reality if we don’t take action now. 

“Inflation continues to soar, crippling family budgets. Our Republican Congressional leaders, including our new Speaker,  must make it a priority to cut spending. Although I am no longer running for President, I will continue to support Republicans who understand the gravity of our economic crisis and are interested in utilizing my Two-Cents Plan as a tool to decrease our debt, lower inflation, strengthen our economy, and beat Joe Biden in November,” Johnson continued.

Recent Treasury Department figures indicate the nation’s budget deficit is 1.7 trillion dollars as of 2023. However, an October report by the New York Times indicates the actual number is closer to two trillion dollars – up from one trillion dollars in 2022 – when factoring out the Biden Administration’s student loan program, which never took effect, yet was recorded as savings by the Treasury Department, artificially reducing the overall deficit. 

Perry Johnson’s campaign platform was focused on the economy and solving the debt crisis with his Two-Cents Plan to Save America, which, if implemented, would slash federal discretionary spending by two percent annually.