Joe Biden has allowed our southern border to become a revolving door for illegal immigration with zero consequences. The only people who face the harsh reality of his radical catch-and-release policies are American citizens, who continue to pay the ultimate price with their lives as dangerous repeat-offender criminals are allowed to run free across our nation.

Just last week, in West Michigan, a 25-year-old Grand Rapids woman was murdered by an illegal immigrant. Ruby Garcia lost her life in a senseless act of violence that could have been, and should have been, prevented with strong, common sense border policies.

The assailant was not only known to police for previous offenses, but was actually deported under the Trump Administration in September of 2020. We must hold Democrat officials accountable for this total lack of oversight and demand answers from them as to why he was allowed back across the border following deportation.

Democrats hide behind their bleeding hearts to defend illegal immigration, but what they really gain from failure to enforce border policy is a new block of supporters. Instead of listening to the American people – who largely want a secure southern border – they choose to import immigrants who will vote for them. Legal identification is no longer a necessity for voting in many Democrat cities, and this is the liberal solution to winning elections at any cost.

Unfortunately, people like Ruby Garcia continue to pay the price as Democrats favor dangerous criminals over law-abiding American citizens.

Illegal immigration used to be a far and away problem for the southern states to deal with, but that is no longer the case. Here in Michigan, Republicans must unite against this evil and protect our own. This is also why it is imperative we elect Donald Trump in November. He created a strong border during his first term, and I have confidence he will do so once again.

I pray for Ruby Garcia’s family and hope they are quickly delivered the justice she so rightly deserves.