Following a hot streak of 1%+ in three national polls, the Emerson poll released Tuesday proves Johnson’s support has ignited in New Hampshire

Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and second place finisher in TPUSA’s Action Summit straw poll, has earned 2 percent of support in a debate stage qualifying poll in New Hampshire.

The Emerson poll released Tuesday indicates Johnson has more support across the state than other establishment candidates in the race, including former Vice President Mike Pence and anti-MAGA candidate Will Hurd.

Johnson said, “Earning 2 percent in the latest New Hampshire poll is proof that my Two-Cents Plan is resonating with voters on the campaign trail.

“As the only candidate with a plan, I have always been confident about making the debate stage, and I remain even more so after today’s poll. I look forward to sharing my vision for America with an even larger audience from the debate stage in Milwaukee.”

Johnson recently surpassed 50,000 individual donors, with more than 200 across 20 states, checking off the RNC donor thresholds required for making the debate stage. He also earned 1.6 percent in a qualifying national poll on July 27. With this latest Emerson poll, Johnson is well on his way to meeting the entirety of the RNC’s August debate stage requirements.

In addition to the Big Village Caravan poll released on July 27, Perry Johnson also earned 1%+ in both the Monmouth and McLaughlin polls released in July.

Johnson’s success with donors and in the polls prove his political outsider status and Two-Cents Plan continue to resonate with and be taken seriously by voters. Polls have consistently shown that Republican primary voters want candidates talking about the economy – which Perry Johnson has made the centerpiece of his campaign.


Perry Johnson is a proud American businessman, entrepreneur and author from Michigan who has founded over 80 successful companies worldwide. A pioneer on international quality control standards, Johnson has written several books helping companies improve and obtain their quality control certifications.

Most recently, he wrote Two Cents To Save America, a book outlining a plan to cut two cents off of every dollar in federal discretionary spending to end inflation and solve the debt crisis.