This marks the fifth national poll Perry Johnson has earned 1%+ support

Des Moines, IA – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate who leads Mike Pence in the most recent Emerson poll of New Hampshire primary voters, has earned 1 percent of the vote in Friday’s Victory Insights national poll.

Johnson currently has more than 50,000 donors, including more than 200 across 20 states, far surpassing the RNC’s donor criteria for the first debate. Johnson has also reached one percent or more in five national polls and one New Hampshire poll to date.

Johnson said, “Politicians on both sides of the aisle have engaged in reckless spending, threatening the American way of life for future generations. My outsider status and Two-Cents Plan have resonated with people as they look for change and a new path forward.

“I remain the only candidate with a plan to solve Biden’s economic disaster, and I look forward to sharing more about my vision for rescuing the American Dream on the Milwaukee debate stage.”

Since March, Johnson has built a retail politics-style campaign from the ground up, with his popular policies and Two-Cents Plan catapulting him to unprecedented support as an outsider candidate.

To date, Perry Johnson has attended and hosted more than 100 events in early states and has built a strong get-out-the-vote operation in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Monmouth, McLaughlin, Big Village Caravan, Emerson College, and Trafalgar polls prove Perry Johnson’s political outsider status and Two-Cents Plan continue to resonate with and be taken seriously by voters when pollsters choose to include him in their surveys. Polls have consistently shown that Republican primary voters want candidates talking about the economy — which Perry Johnson has made the centerpiece of his campaign.


Perry Johnson is a proud American businessman, entrepreneur and author from Michigan who has founded over 80 successful companies worldwide. A pioneer on international quality control standards, Johnson has written several books helping companies improve and obtain their quality control certifications.

Most recently, he wrote Two Cents To Save America, a book outlining a plan to cut two cents off of every dollar in federal discretionary spending to end inflation and solve the debt crisis.