Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and outsider businessman, slammed Washington D.C. career politicians for engaging in a leadership fight while runaway spending and inflation are wreaking havoc on everyday American families.

Johnson said, “We have not had a Speaker, Republican or Democrat, in the last several decades who has taken our debt crisis seriously and now we’re in the middle of crisis that continues to push inflation to historic levels, making everyday purchases like groceries unaffordable for American families. I’ve heard directly from people in Iowa and New Hampshire who are experiencing this every day pain.

“Career D.C. politicians are asleep at the wheel while our middle class suffers. With all Treasury bonds now over 4.6%, and the national debt over $33 trillion, our country is on the brink of financial disaster. I don’t care who the Speaker is, but whoever is up next better start taking our spending and debt seriously. My Two-Cents Plan to Save America should be the first bill to hit the House floor.”

Perry Johnson’s Two-Cents Plan would rein in government spending by slashing 2 percent of discretionary spending annually. Johnson plans to bring his business expertise to the public sector, which desperately needs updated fiscal policies to get the economy and American families back on the right track.