Johnson’s impassioned ending words about our great nation touched the audience and went viral online

July 28, 2023

Des Moines, IA – Perry Johnson, Republican presidential candidate and second place finisher in TPUSA’s straw poll, gave a powerful speech at the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner on Friday evening in Des Moines.

Johnson, who recently hit 1% in a qualifying national poll and has nearly 30,000 donors, gave a 10-minute speech to hundreds of conservatives from Iowa and beyond.

He renewed calls to overhaul the Justice Department, including eliminating the FBI entirely, defunding the Department of Education, and went on to criticize our corrupt justice system for how it regularly weaponizes the law against Republicans yet has failed to bring justice to the Biden Crime Family.

Johnson also announced for the first time that he would support impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden for his criminal activity.

Johnson said, “I truly believe in this country. “I believe in its people, I believe in what it stands for, and I believe there is no other nation in the world like ours – and it is worth fighting for.

“As a businessman, I have the experience to bring quality to the most inefficient institution in our nation – the federal government, and as a guy who came from nothing and lived the American Dream myself, I have the passion and appreciation to protect our sacred American spirit.

“Joe Biden has threatened all of that by destroying our economy and showing voters that the justice system blatantly favors Democrats. It’s high time we not only fire Joe Biden, but impeach him for his crimes, so we can get back to keeping the American Dream alive.”

Despite being repeatedly underestimated by many national pollsters and some in the media, Perry Johnson’s winning message continues to prove popular amongst Republican voters and caucus-goers.

Since March, Johnson has built a retail politics-style campaign from the ground up, with little more than his popular policies and personable relatability catapulting him to unprecedented support as an outsider candidate.

Watch Johnson’s viral, impassioned end remarks here.


Perry Johnson is a proud American businessman, entrepreneur and author from Michigan who has founded over 80 successful companies worldwide. A pioneer on international quality control standards, Johnson has written several books helping companies improve and obtain their quality control certifications.

Most recently, he wrote Two Cents To Save America, a book outlining a plan to cut two cents off of every dollar in federal discretionary spending to end inflation and solve the debt crisis.