Troy, MI – Perry Johnson, presidential candidate and third place finisher in CPAC’s March straw poll, received massive support for his plans at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Spring event on Saturday, April 22. Johnson joined other Republican presidential contenders in speaking to a crowd of more than 1,000 Iowans. Johnson’s Two-Cents Plan to Save America was extremely popular among the crowd, as were his comments holding Vice President Mike Pence accountable for wanting to send more money to Ukraine and of Governor Ron DeSantis for skipping the event entirely.

New York Times: “An Iowa Campaign Event Defined More by Those Who Were Not There Than Those Who Were,” by Jonathan Weisman, 4/23/23

“Mr. Johnson, in fact, was the only speaker to challenge a front-runner by name when he concluded his remarks: “I just want to say, DeSantis is making a huge mistake by not coming here. And I don’t understand it, but each to his own.”

“Otherwise, the hopefuls just wanted to avoid the candidates who opted not to come in person.”

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