As we enter the new year, it is more imperative now than ever that we unite against the one true threat we as Republicans face – Democrats at the ballot box.

Electing my friend and former campaign advisor, former Michigan Congressman and Trump Ambassador to The Netherlands Pete Hoekstra, as Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, will help us do exactly that.

After months of witnessing a fractured state party fail to raise the funds necessary to beat Joe Biden and Michigan Democrats at the ballot box, I am thrilled Pete has been duly elected as the next Chair of the Party.

The vision that failed to materialize under previous party leadership will undoubtedly flourish under Pete Hoekstra’s direction.

There is not much time to get our party’s fundraising and field operation in order, but with a proven leader at the helm, there is hope.

While winning back the presidency is of the utmost importance, winning back the Michigan House and Senate is our number one priority as Michigan Republicans. The uphill battle we face to defeat these Democrats requires the direction of a proven leader who knows Michigan inside and out.

Congressman Hoekstra served Michigan’s 2nd district with conservative values top of mind. He understands the intricacies of Michigan’s primary season and is the only person who can lead us to victory in 2024.

President Trump put his faith in Congressman Hoekstra when he was appointed to serve as U.S. Ambassador to The Netherlands under the former President, and he has the support of Michiganders across the state ready to take back our party and fight to finish.